Tuesday, February 2

Pah-ked My Cah in Ha-vahd Yahd

Talking about the weather sucks, but the fact is that the weather here does suck and it makes me crazy. I skipped running (outdoors) this weekend because I have a policy of not running in anything that "feels like -x." And this past weekend was "feels like -12." No thank you.

But, weather aside, I've been feeling very fortunate of late about living in the Boston area and the advantages it affords our family. Doodles and Adam just had a Cub Scout overnight at the Museum of Science. How cool is that? They arrived at about 4 and had programming till midnight (midnight! My baby boy is only 6!). They camped out on the floor of the museum in sleeping bags, and then were woken up at 6:45 for more programming. The kid loved it. Lightening shows, illusion experiments, a coral reef IMAX movie, science demonstrations. Heaven for the boy.

And then there's my hockey-playing, Hannah Montana-loving, Pinkalicious-worshiping little girl. One of the challenges I have is finding the right balance between respecting the interests of my kids and pushing them out of their comfort zones. It's easy to say, "Oh, Pie loves art and music and dancing" and encourage her in those directions. But just like I wanted Doodles to try a hip-hop dance class (which he gave his all, but after three months, he decided it wasn't for him, and I have to respect that), I want Pie to explore other things as well. So when an opportunity came up for her to take a (free!) LEGOs robotics class at Tufts, how could I refuse? One group session and then three one-on-one classes with a graduate student. What an opportunity!

We live 20 minutes from rural farm area, 20 minutes from an honest-to-goodness city, 4 hours from the center of the universe (okay, so I'll never be an true Bostonian). Ocean is 45 minutes away, mountains (or at least close approximation to them) are a couple of hours away.

Yes, I hate the Patriots. True, the accent can be near impossible to understand. So putting up with rabid Red Sox fans (including the one I'm married to) can be painful. But I like this place. I think we just might stick around.



Blogger Deb said...

when you mentioned the center of the universe, I thought you meant Fremont!

2:57 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Ah, I miss the days when that was the center of the universe. But alas it turns out Fremont is only the center to those who live near Fremont; New York is the center for everyone else. :-)

9:27 PM  

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