Wednesday, March 24

Fast Food Fun

The boy and I start watching Food, Inc.. It begins by talking about how fast food has changed the way food is produced in this country. We're not three minutes into it before the boy says, "Mom?"

"Yes?" I reply.

"For my next birthday, can we go to McDonald's?"

"Just keep watching..." I tell him.

We get to the part where they discuss how much corn is in the food we eat.

Me: Do you like corn?

Doodles: No!

Me: Do you know how much corn is in the food you eat?

Doodles: Oh, about 50 gallons!

We got about twenty minutes in when I forced him to bed. We can only watch after Pie has gone to bed, but I refuse to let him stay up that late. I'm sure I'll regret letting him watch it, but I want him to know where his hot dogs are coming from.

This could be interesting....



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