Sunday, March 28

Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Rolly Polly Fish Heads

It's the saga of the fish. Who knew fish would give me such headaches. Tomorrow night is the first night of Passover, and I'm hosting, as I like to do. Out of all the Jewish holidays, Passover is my favorite. I love the story, I love the Seder, I love the food. Doodles, even, is incredibly into it. He came home from Hebrew school today, saying it he loved class today because he learned the fourth question and he got to take home his own Haggadah. He's been practicing the four questions and can't get enough of listening to our Passover c.d.

I've been cooking up a storm. So far I've made: horseradish, Moroccan carrots, Sephardic salad, orange cake, Passover brownies, meringues, candied walnuts (for the haroset), chicken soup, and salmon pate. Tomorrow I make the potato latke "muffins," scarlet chicken, balsamic roasted veggies, and matzah crunch.

But the fish. The fish has plagued me (the famous eleventh plague). I need whitefish, carp, and pike. Basic gefilte fish ingredients. I heard on one of my e-mail lists that the Newton Whole Foods would grind fish for you. So I called it last week. "I hear you grind fish!"

"Yeah," the guys said. "We can grind fish. But we're out of fish."


"Out of fish. Completely out of fish."

"How are you out of fish?"

"Out of fish. Try next year."

I called all around. Tried everywhere. A different Whole Foods assured me that they could order me whitefish. Yea, whitefish! Except he called back the next day. "I called everywhere! No gefilte fish fish!"

Frantic web searches came up with a single recipe that called for tilapia. So I decided to make my fish (a fish loaf from the New York Times Passover cookbook) with tilapia. And I bought the jarred stuff. As a back up.

For some, it's next year in Jerusalem. For me, it's next year in whitefish. Chag Pesach Sameach.

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