Monday, March 29

It Was 70 Years Ago Today...

Imagining a parent as a child is hard to do. My parents were pretty young when I was born--22 for my mom; 27 for my dad. But they always seemed old to me. I was recently watching with my kids a video from 1974 and it's shocking that my parents were actually, truly young. In 1974, my father was seven years younger than I am now. When I was the age he was in 1974, I was a newlywed, no kids. He had two kids, a mortgage, college savings accounts, and an ugly car (really--I don't know what that car was in the video, but it was ugly! For some reason "Cougar" comes to mind. Was that the car?). I knew him when he was 34. I remember when I was a teen, he once said to me, "You know, I may be in my forties, but I still feel like I'm sixteen." I didn't get it then, but I get it now.

Lately, though, I feel like I've had a sense of my father as a kid. Because I look at Doodles and I can suddenly picture my father. In his insolence, in his single-mindedness, in his stubbornness, in his antsy energy, I can see my father, and it's eerie.

My dad turns seventy today. We all know that I don't get mushy on this blog--it's just not my thing--but if I were ever going to get mushy, it would be here. 'Cause, you know. He's my dad. And I love him.

Happy birthday, Peter!



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