Thursday, April 1

The Fashionista

Today is Red Sox day in the boy's classroom. Yet he said to me, "I have nothing to wear."

I pointed out the spread of shirts from which he had to choose. An Ortiz. A Pedroia. A Matsuzaka. Even a Garciaparra . Plus two with no names on them at all.

"I only want to wear Varitek."

To which Adam cringes. Because apparently Varitek sucks. And is on his way out. (As I would not know or care about these things.)

The boy is locked in his room at the moment. We all wait with baited breath, to see what he's going to wear today....

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Blogger Running and living said...

So funny. I wish my boy cared even a little about clothes. He just wants to be naked (no jk).

9:52 PM  

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