Wednesday, April 7

State of the Union

Dear Readers. Having fun. Wish you were here. Love, Jenny

No seriously, I know I haven't been posting as much lately. It's just with the beautiful weather and the holiday and all the other good stuff, I've been out doing instead of home computering. I need to do some construction on this site (and by "me," I mean "Adam" and by "construction" I mean, "I have no idea what I mean"). For the past 8 1/2 years (gasp!) that I've kept this blog, I've FTP'd it to Blogger. No biggie. Although they're now doing away with FTP support, which means... well, something. Apparently my main choice is to go to Wordpress, if I want to keep my own domain, and it's these gorgeous, beautiful weeks that make me wonder if I really will. Maybe it's time to let the blog die a natural death before my son, who can now read everything I write figures out what I'm up to and starts to protest his innermost quirks being broadcast to the world at large. Something to think about...

Anywhos... What have I been busy with? Well, there's Pesach (and I love how every time Pie says, "Pesach," to my father, she quickly adds, "That's Passover," as if my father has no idea what Pesach is. Which he does. And he doesn't. So she's not completely off). We hosted a seder for 18, which was lovely, but a little busy. As she's at a Jewish preschool, Pie had off last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for the holiday. And then Doodles had off Friday for Good Friday (and I tried explaining Good Friday and Easter to him, but boy did I mangle it. I tried to end on a joke--"Do you know, Doodles, how we'll know who's right?" "How?" "Well, when the Messiah comes, if he says, 'Nice to meet you,' we'll know that we [the Jews] were right. If he says, 'Hi. Good to see you again,' we'll know the Christians had it right."--but somehow that only made it more confusing). And then Pie had off again this past Monday and Tuesday for the end of Passover. And yet I survived. Did I mention that Adam's in London? Still surviving. And having fun.

So first night seder was at our house. We did seder bingo. Kids did the four questions beautifully. Ate too many desserts. Done by about 8. The second night we had seder at our rabbi's house. Now that's a seder. The kids loved it, although Pie petered out at 8:30. Doodles and I made it till the midnight end and he was enthralled by it. So the next day I let him play hooky, and Doodles, Pie, and I went to see the Egypt Tomb 10A exhibit at the MFA. (Get it? It was Passover? So we went to see about Egypt? Clever, no?)

I had to fit all of my week into Thursday and then on Friday, Doodles and I rode bikes, went to see How to Train Your Dragon, and then hung out outside. It was truly a perfect day.

The beginning of this week, Pie wanted playdates so I used the time to clean. I mean really clean. I finally got my office organized, and over the weekend, Adam had built these lovely shelves in our closet's closet (yes, you read that right: our closet has a closet), so I moved all our CDs in there and then repurposed the original shelves in my office and the house is so lovely and beautiful! The house was fully cleaned today and I feel this urge to put police tape all over the door and make a huge sign that reads, "No Medroses Allowed" because the instant one of them comes in this house, there goes all my beautiful clean house. Sigh.

There's more I've done. And more going on. But I don't feel like writing about it. Children want to be let in. So I need to go guard my beautiful house. Because I can see the gleam in their eyes. The gleam of destruction. Sigh.

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