Monday, April 22

I'm married! I'm married! And yesterday was a complete blur. Jenn and Melissa outdid themselves, and the donut cake was a hit, and that's all I say as I go get on our flight to London. More when I'm back from Italy...

Saturday, April 20

Tomorrow's game day. And I'm one big bridal "don't." Eyes are puffy because of too much drinking and almost no sleeping (almost slept through last night, except one of Adam's family's friends called the house at 6:28 a.m. this morning!!). After an early morning run with Jen, it's back to bed, and I'm not getting up again until it's time for the rehearsal tonight at 5 p.m.

Monday, April 15

How smart is my sweetie!! He got himself into Harvard, too!
As Adam says, we are now out of the caveats. Now is my last Monday as a single person (as opposed to last week, in which I had my last Monday at work as a single person). I can't wait till this thing is over, if for no other reason that I still have trouble spelling the word "fiancé."

Last night the gods were working against us. We decided to go on our last single-people date together, so we went to an early dinner at Pasta Bella. Then we were going to catch the 6:45 showing of Amelie at the Ballard theater. Sold out! Who would have thought that a movie that has been out for months would be sold out at the early show on a Sunday in Ballard? Very bizarre. We figured it was a sign that we should go home and put together programs. But on the way home we passed the bowling alley and decided we'd go in a bowl a few games. Nope. There was already quite the waiting list for a lane. So we went home and made programs. Not the most exciting date, but obviously someone was trying to tell us something.

Today's my day to get things done. I've got a super long list of chores to do, and I'm already procrastinating.

Wednesday, April 10

Um, we had our final dance lesson tonight. The teacher didn't look too confident when she sent us off. What I learned was to stick out my boobs, suck in my stomach, and that I "look better when I'm talking." Oh, and to not dip myself. Too bad what I didn't learn was to identify the beat or not step on his toes. Sucks to be Adam during the first dance.

Monday, April 8

What a whirlwind of a weekend and it's only going to get worse! I had problems sleeping last night thinking of all the stuff to get done.

My shower this past Saturday was absolutely wonderful. Julie and Pam outdid themselves, making a lovely keepsake book filled with cards that folks had sent in with notes. The Tweedle Twirp's was a "Bobo Sez." No one understood why I laughed so hard at it, but it was great. The food was spectacular. In honor of our Italian honeymoon, they had a spread of antipasti, polenta and sausage, this incredible pasta salad, loads of bread, and gelatto and biscuits for dessert. Oddly, it was hard sitting there being the center of attention opening presents like I was 10 again and it was my birthday party. It's a weird sensation. Of course, Adam thought the gifts were nice, but he got completely excited the next day when the gang stopped by to drop the wedding present off. A Weber gas grill with all the accoutrements. I won't let him open it until we get to Boston, but I'm pretty sure I saw him drooling. The best part of it? He had to write nine thank you cards that went with it.

Speaking of the honeymoon, we finally made our reservations. Some nice places. The place Peter suggested was majorly out of our budget, but we found some places that were nice without using up all of our wedding money. We'll be in Florence for Tuesday night through Thursday night at the hotel I thought looked nice, the Boscolo Hotel Astoria . Friday night through Sunday night we're in Siena at a hotel a coworker recommended, Palazzo Ravizza. Monday night and Tuesday night we're back in Florence at the hotel Adam liked best, the Montebello Spledid. We already have our reservations to see the Uffizi and to visit David. I'm ready to start the eating!